Essentials of Mechatronics by John Billingsley

Essentials of Mechatronics book

Book Title : Essentials of Mechatronics by John
Author(s)  : John Billingsley
Publisher   : Wiley
Published  : 2006
Pages       : 268
Size        : 3.5 Mb

Book Description:
Essentials of Mechatronics by John Billingsley
 presents the essential nature of mechatronics,
a field at the crossroads of information technology,
mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. By
reading this book, readers learn how to blend mechanisms,
electronics, sensors, control strategies and software into a
functional design. The book gives the breadth that the field
draws upon, this eBook provides a
critical service to readers by paring down the topics to
essential ones.

Table of Contents:
Front matter
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 The Bare Essentials
Chapter 3 Gaining Experience
Chapter 4 Introduction to the Next Level
Chapter 5 Electronic Design
Chapter 6 Essential Control Theory
Chapter 7 Vectors, Matrices, and Tensors
Chapter 8 Mathematics for Control
Chapter 9 Robotics, Dynamics, and Kinematics
Chapter 10 Further Control Theory
Chapter 11 Computer Implementation
Chapter 12 Machine Vision
Chapter 13 Case Studies
Chapter 14 The Human Element

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