Basic concepts of Thermal Engineering | Gate Mechanical Notes

  1. The pressure of the gas in terms of
    its mean kinetic energy per unit volume E
    is equal to 2E/3 and Kinetic Energy is
    always proportional to temperature.
  2. The super heated vapor acts as
    perfect gas and obeys all gas laws
  3. Absolute zero pressure will occur
    when there is no molecular momentum
  4. No liquid can exists at absolute zero
    pressure and absolute pressure can be
    attained at 0 Kelvin
  5. Behavior of gas can be fully
    determined by four gas laws 
  6. For air ratio of specific heats is
  7.  Mono-atomic gas has highest
    ratio of specific heat = 1.66As per
    Joule’s law internal energy is function
    of temperature.
  8. The same volume of all gases would
    represents their molecular weights
  9. Gases have two value of specific
    heat. One is at constant pressure and one
    is at constant volume
  10. The molecular weights of all the
    perfect gases occupy the same
  11. volume under same conditions of
    pressure and temperature.
  12. Work done in free expansion process
    is always zero
  13. Work done for rigid container having
    gas, is zero
  14. Heat and work are not properties of
  15. Absolute value of internal energy
    cannot be found but only change in
    internal energy can be found
  16. On weight basis air contains 23 parts
    of oxygen
  17.   Heat and work are path
  18.   N.T.P means Normal Temperature
  19. Change in the enthalpy is the heat
    supplied during constant pressure
  20. Change in the internal energy is the
    heat supplied during constant volume
  21. For isothermal process, process index
    is unity
  22. The basis for measuring thermodynamic
    property of temperature is given by
    zeroth law of thermodynamics
  23. First law of thermodynamic gives
    concepts of internal energy
  24. Second law of thermodynamic gives
    concepts of entropy
  25. Third law of thermodynamic deals with
    concept of zero entropy at absolute zero
    temperature of 0 Kelvin.
  26. Throttling is the process during
    which cooling is produced
  27.  1 calorie = 4.186 Joule
  28.  Integration of pdv is non flow
  29. On volume basis air contains 21 parts
    of oxygen
  30. Molecular weight of gas x
    characteristics gas constant = value of
    universal gas constant
  31. For a perfect gas, internal energy
    and enthalpy are functions of
  32. temperature only.