The Mechanical Design Process by David G.Ullman

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Title : The Mechanical Design Process
Author(s)  : David G.Ullman
Publisher   : McGraw hill
Edition      : Fourth
Pages        : 448
Size          : 10.3 Mb

Book Description :
The Mechanical Design Process by David
 combines a practical overview of the design
process with case material and real-life engineering
insights. Ullman’s work as an innovative designer comes
through consistently, and has made this book a favorite with
readers. This book conveys the “flavor” of design, addressing
both traditional engineering topics as well as real-world
issues like creative thinking, synthesis of ideas,
visualization, teamwork, sense of customer needs and product
success factors, and the financial aspects of design
alternatives, in a practical and motivating manner.
This eBook is appropriate primarily for the Senior Design
course taken by mechanical engineering students, though it
can also be used in design courses offered earlier in the
curriculum. Working engineers also find it to be a readable,
practical overview of the modern design process.


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