Soldering and Welding

Today I am going to tell you main difference between welding and soldering. Welding and soldering both are metal joining processes but according to their uses, these are different form one another. Basically welding is used to make a joint which can carry all mechanical stresses and loads. It forms a very strong joint between metals. In the other hand soldering is used to joint small electrical component like capacitor, resistor, to the electronic panel. The main function of soldering is to make a electrically strong joint between metals which can withstand with the all electrical loads.

These processes can differentiate in following aspects.


Difference between Soldering and Welding:

S.No. Welding Soldering
1. It is used in mechanical industries, like automotive, aerospace etc. It is used in electrical industries.
2. In welding, both work piece are melted together to form a mechanical joint. Sometimes filler material is used to make the joint. In soldering, a joint is made by use of filler material, known as solder. A rod is heated up to the melting temperature of filler metal. This melted filler metal used to make a joint.
3. The welding temperature is above the melting temperature of work piece which is above 3600C It is done at much below the melting temperature of work piece which is below 400C
4. There is change in properties of work piece. There is no change in properties.
5. It forms strong mechanical joint. It forms strong electrical joint.
6. Filler material is not compulsory. Filler material is compulsory in soldering.
7. It can withstand with high temperature. It cannot withstand with high temperature.
8. The work piece should be clean below welding. It is not compulsory to clean work piece before joining.
9. Special training is required to perform the welding. No special training is required to perform it.
10. Preheating of work piece is not required. Preheating of work piece is not compulsory but it may give good result.


Today we have discussed about difference between welding and soldering. If you have any query, ask by commenting.


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