Renewable Energy Resources by John Twidell, Tony Weir

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Book Title : Renewable Energy Resources
Author(s)  : John Twidell, Tony Weir
Publisher   : Taylor and Francis
Edition      : Second
Pages        : 625
PDF Size    : 10 Mb

Book Description:
Considering each technology in depth from both scientific and
environmental perspectives, the book covers solar
energy, photo voltaic  wind, wave, tidal and hydro
power, bio fuels  geothermal and more, and also
features a new chapter on institutional factors, including
ergonomics. In addition, extra worked problems and case
studies are provided to help readers put theory into

After each chapter, reading and web-based material is
indicated for further study, making this text ideal not only
for practitioners but also for students on multi-disciplinary
masters degrees in science and engineering as well specialist
modules in science and engineering first degrees.


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