Mechanical Engineer’s Data Handbook by James Carvill

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Book Title : Mechanical Engineer’s Data
Author(s)  : James Carvill
Publisher   : ButterWorth Heinmann
Edition      : First
Pages       : 354
PDF Size  : 14.3 Mb


Book description:
Mechanical Engineer’s Data Handbook by James Carvill
book provides the student and professional mechanical
engineer with a reference text of an essentially practical
nature. This book is uncluttered by text and extensive use of
examples and tables provide quick and clear access to data.
Book also includes examples of detailed calculations on many
of the applications of technology used by mechanical and
production engineers, draughtsmen and engineering designers.
Although mainly intended for those studying
and practicing mechanical engineering, a glance at
the contents will show that it is also useful to those in
related branches of engineering such as production,
marine, offshore, mining, mineral and in particular that of
design. This reference book provides engineers with a wealth
of useful material in a very compact and quickly accessible


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