MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications by Amos Gilat

MATLAB: An introduction with applications book

Book Title : MATLAB – An introduction with
Author(s)  : Amos Gilat
Publisher   : Wiley
Edition      : Fifth
Pages        : 419
PDF Size    : 32 Mb

Book Description:
MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications by Amos Gilat by
Amos Gilat book is designed for the MATLAB software
program, This eBook requires no previous knowledge of
computer programming. The beginning chapter
describes basic features of the program and shows how to
use it in simple arithmetic operations with scalars. The next
two chapters focus on the topic of arrays, while the
remaining text covers a wide range of other applications.
Computer screens, tutorials, samples and homework questions
in math, science and engineering, provide the readers with
the practical hands on experience needed for proficiency.
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Starting with MATLAB
Chapter 2: Creating Array
Chapter 3: Mathematical Operations with Arrays
Chapter 4: Using Script Files and Managing Data
Chapter 5: Two-Dimensional Plots
Chapter 6: Programming in MATLAB
Chapter 7: User-Defined Functions and Function Files
Chapter 8: Polynomials, Curve Fitting, and Interpolation
Chapter 9: Applications in Numerical Analysis
Chapter 10: Three-Dimensional Plots
Chapter 11; Symbolic Math
Appendix: Summary of Characters, Commands, and Functions
Answers to Selected Problems


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