Introduction to Operation Research by Frederick S. Hillier, Gerald J. Lieberman

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Book Title : Introduction to Operation Research
Author(s)  : Frederick S. Hillier, Gerald J.
Publisher   : McGraw Hill
Edition      : Seventh Edition
Pages       : 1237
PDF Size  : 10.5 Mb

Book description:
Introduction To Operations Research by Gerald J. Lieberman,
Bodhibrata Nag, Frederick S. Hillier, Preetam Basu is a
textbook for everyone that will help them understand the
recent development within the Operations Research. Ebook
deals with the technologies and the software required in
order to create successful business application models that
are adopted by companies in order to achieve their goals.
This ebook contains an introductory chapter, a chapter on
Overview of the Operations Research Modeling Approach, The
Theory of the Simplex Method, Nonlinear Programming, Integer
Programming as well as Dynamic Programming. It also deals
with Solving Linear Programming Problems: The Simplex Method,
Network Optimization Models and Other Algorithms for Linear
Programming. There are other chapters such as Introduction to
Linear Programming, The Transportation and Assignment
Problems, and Duality Theory and Sensitivity Analysis.
The authors Frederick S. Hillier, Gerald J. Lieberman
also deal with Meta heuristics, Decision Analysis,
Game Theory, Markov Decision Processes, Inventory
Theory, Queuing Theory and Markov Chains
Simulation. This book contains a glossary of terms which
students will find highly useful.

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