Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by Robert W. Fox

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Book Title : Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
Author(s)  : Robert W.Fox, Alan T
McDonald, Philip J.Pritchand
Publisher   : McGraw Hill
Edition      : Fifth
Pages         : 1023
PDF Size   : 36 Mb

Book Description:
Introduction to Fluid Mechanics book by the
author Robert W. Fox continues to provide readers with a
balanced and comprehensive approach to mastering critical
concepts. This
fluid mechanics book
incorporates a proven
problem-solving methodology that will help them develop an
orderly plan to finding the right solution. It starts with
basic equations, then clearly states assumptions, and
finally, relates results to expected physical behavior. Many
of the steps involved in analysis are simplified by using

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Fundamental concepts
Chapter 3: Fluid statistics
Chapter 4: basic equations in Integral form for a control
Chapter 5: Introduction to differential analysis of fluid
Chapter 6: Incompressible inviscid flow
Chapter 7: Dimensional analysis and similitude
Chapter 8: Internal incompressible viscous flow
Chapter 9: External incompressible viscous flow
Chapter 10: Fluid Machinery
Chapter 11: Introduction to compressible flow
Chapter 12: Compressible flow
Appendix A: Fluid property data
Appendix B: Equations of motion in cylindrical
Appendix C: Videos for fluid Mechanics
Appendix D: Selected performance curves from pumps
Appendix E: Flow functions for computation of compressible
Appendix F: Analysis of experimental uncertainty
Appendix G: SI units, prefixes and conversion factors
Appendix H: a brief overview of microsoft excel
Answer to selected problems


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