Handbook of Heat Transfer by Rohsenow Warren, Rohsenow Warren

Handbook of heat transfer

Book Title : Handbook of Heat Transfer
Author(s)  : Rohsenow Warren, Rohsenow Warren
Publisher   : McGraw-Hill
Edition      : Third
Pages         : 1501
Size           : 20 Mb

Book Description:

Heat transfer
is crucial to virtually every industrial
and environmental process as well as to energy production and
conversion. Handbook of Heat Transfer is written by leading
heat transfer experts (Rohsenow Warren, Rohsenow Warren), the
eBook is one comprehensive volume-of this classic guide
offers engineers details on all advances in heat transfer
technology, providing the information needed to solve a wide
range of practical heat transfer problems. A vast revision of
the two-volume second edition, it eliminates theory and
instead emphasizes practical applications by presenting new
findings on conduction, convection, radiation and multi-phase
heat transfer, plus new chapters on micro scale heat transfer
in porous media and heat transfer in natural processing.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1. Basic Concepts of Heat Transfer
Chapter 2. Thermophysical Properties
Chapter 3. Conduction and Thermal Contact Resistances
Chapter 4. Natural Convection
Chapter 5. Forced Convection, Internal Flow in Ducts
Chapter 6. Forced Convection, External Flows
Chapter 7. Radiation
Chapter 8. Microscale Transport Phenomena
Chapter 9. Heat Transfer in Porous Media
Chapter 10. Nonnewtonian Fluids
Chapter 11. Techniques to Enhance Heat Transfer
Chapter 12. Heat Pipes
Chapter 13. Heat Transfer in Packed and Fluidized Beds
Chapter 14. Condensation
Chapter 15. Boiling
Chapter 16. Measurement of Temperature and Heat Transfer
Chapter 17. Heat Exchangers
Chapter 18. Heat Transfer in Materials Processing

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