Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing Materials, Process and Systems

eBook on Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing Materials, Process and Systems

Book Title : Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing
Materials, Process and Systems
Author(s)  : Mikell P. Groover
Publisher  : John wiley & sons
Edition      : Fourth
Pages       : 1028
Size          : 30.4 Mb

Book Description:
In this Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing
Materials, Process and Systems by Mikell P.
 eBook, Groover not only takes a modern,
all-inclusive look at manufacturing processes but also
provides substantial coverage of engineering materials and
production systems. It follows a more quantitative and
design-oriented approach than other texts in the market,
helping readers gain a better understanding of important
concepts. They’ll also discover how material properties
relate to the process variables in a given process as well as
how to perform manufacturing science and quantitative
engineering analysis of manufacturing processes.

Table of Contents :
Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview of Manufacturing
Part I. Material Properties and Product Attributes
Chapter 2. The Nature of Materials
Chapter 3. Mechanical Properties of Materials
Chapter 4. Physical Properties of Materials
Chapter 5. Dimensions, Surfaces, and Their Measurement
Part II. Engineering Materials
Chapter 6. Metals
Chapter 7. Ceramics
Chapter 8. Polymers
Chapter 9. Composite Materials
Part III. Solidification Processes
Chapter 10. Fundamentals of Metal Casting
Chapter 11. Metal Casting Processes
Chapter 12. Glassworking
Chapter 13. Shaping Processes for Plastics
Chapter 14. Rubber-Processing Technology
Chapter 15. Shaping Processes for Polymer Matrix
Part IV. Particulate Processing of Metals and

Chapter 16. Powder Metallurgy
Chapter 17. Processing of Ceramics and Cermets
Part V. Metal Forming and Sheet Metalworking
Chapter 18. Fundamentals of Metal Forming
Chapter 19. Bulk Deformation Processes in Metal Working
Chapter 20. Sheet Metalworking
Part VI. Material Removal Processes
Chapter 21. Theory of Metal Machining
Chapter 22. Machining Operations and Machine Tools
Chapter 23. Cutting-Tool Technology
Chapter 24. Economic and Product Design Considerations in
Chapter 25. Grinding and other Abrasive Processes
Chapter 26. Nontraditional Machining and Thermal Cutting
Part VII. Property Enhancing and Surface Processing

Chapter 27. Heat Treatment of Metals
Chapter 28. Surface Processing Operations
Part VIII. Joining and Assembly Processes
Chapter 29. Fundamentals of Welding
Chapter 30. Welding Processes
Chapter 31. Brazing, Soldering, and Adhesive Bonding
Chapter 32. Mechanical Assembly
Part IX. Special Processing and Assembly

Chapter 33. Rapid Prototyping
Chapter 34. Processing of Integrated Circuits
Chapter 35. Electronics Assembly and Packaging
Chapter 36. Microfabrication Technologies
Chapter 37. Nanofabrication Technologies
Part X. Manufacturing Systems
Chapter 38. Automation Technologies for Manufacturing
Chapter 39. Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Part XI. Manufacturing Support Systems
Chapter 40. Manufacturing Engineering
Chapter 41. Production Planning and Control
Chapter 42. Quality Control and Inspection



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