Fundamentals of Compressible flow with Aircraft and Rocket by S.M Yahya

Fundamentals of Compressible flow with Aircraft and Rocket by S.M Yahya

Book Title : Fundamentals of Compressible flow with
Aircraft and Rocket Propulsion
Author(s)  : S.M Yahya
Publisher   : New Age
Edition      : Third
Pages       : 696
PDF Size          : 44 Mb

Book Description:
The subject of compressible flow or gas dynamics deals with
the thermo-fluid dynamic problems of gases
and vapours  It is now an important part of the
undergraduate and postgraduate curricula. Fundamentals of
Compressible Flow covers this subject in fourteen well
organised chapters in a lucid style. A large mass of
theoretical material and equations has been supported by a
number of figures and graphical depictions. Authors sprawling
teaching experience in this subject and allied areas is
reflected in the clarity, and systematic and logical

Salient Features:

  • Begins with basic definitions and formulae.
  • Separate chapters on adiabatic flow, is entropic flow and
    rate equations.
  • Includes basics of the atmosphere, and measuring
  • Separate sections on wind tunnels, laser techniques, hot
    wires and flow measurement.
  • Discusses applications in aircraft and rocket propulsion,
    space flights, and pumping of natural gas.
  • Contains large number of solved and unsolved problems.
  • The present edition has an additional chapter on
    miscellaneous problems in compressible flow (gas dynamics).
    This is designed to support the tutorials, practise exercises
    and examinations. Problems have been specially chosen for
    students and engineers in the areas of aerospace, chemical,
    gas and mechanical engineering.

Table of Contents:

  1. Definitions and Basic Relations
  2. The Energy Equation
  3. Rate Equations for a Control Volume
  4. Is entropic Flow with Variable Area
  5. Wave Motion
  6. Flow with Normal Shock Waves
  7. Flow with Oblique Shock Waves
  8. Flow in Constant Area Ducts with Friction
  9. Flow in Constant Area Ducts with Heat Transfer
  10. Multidimensional Flow
  11. Methods of Measurement
  12. Aircraft Propulsion
  13. Rocket Propulsion.




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