Engineering Vibrations by William J.Bottega

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Title : Engineering Vibrations
Author(s)  : William J. Bottega
Publisher   : Taylor & Francis
Published  : 2006
Edition      : First
Pages        : 750
PDF Size    : 18 Mb


Book Description:
A resource on vibration that imparts a deep physical as well
as mathematical understanding is critical to students who
first encounter the subject. Books with an overly
mathematical focus can leave them without a grasp of the
underlying physics and mechanics. Those that attempt to be
reader-friendly often oversimplify the mathematics and
mechanics, leaving them with a lack of depth and unprepared
for advanced work and complex problems. With a carefully
balanced approach, Engineering Vibrations provides a
systematic and unified treatment of mechanical and structural
vibrations along with rigorous yet approachable mathematical
development. This eBook advances abstract concepts from first
principles. The author weaves together the physical
interpretation and fundamental principles with applied
problem solving and uses illustrative examples and case
studies to reinforce the concepts, encourage effective
interpretation of results, and assist in learning the
techniques and procedures. Accompanied by more than 500 two-
and three-dimensional drawings, the book offers tabulated
results of case studies and a table of operators of various
one-dimensional continua. Engineering
Vibrations also contains problem-solving flowcharts for
solving forced vibration problems for discrete and continuous
systems. For each class of system, it explores the
fundamental dynamics and studies free and forced vibrations
under various conditions.





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