Classical Mechanics by Goldstein Poole Safko

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Book Title : Classical Mechanics
Author(s)  : Goldstein Poole Safko
Publisher   : Addison Wesley
Edition    : Third Edition
Pages       : 636
PDF Size  : 199 Mb

Book Description:
Classical Mechanics book by Goldstein Poole Safko has been
the acknowledged standard in advanced classical mechanics
courses. This eBook enables readers to make connections
between classical and modern physics an highly necessary part
of a physicist’s education.

Table of Contents:
1) Survey of the Elementary Principles.
2) Variational Principles and Lagrange’s equations.
3) The Central Force Problem.
4) The Kinematics of Rigid Body Motion.
5) The Rigid Body Equations of Motion.
6) Oscillations.
7) Classical Mechanics of the Special Theory of
8) The Hamiltonian Equations of Motion.
9) Canonical Transformations.
10) Hamilton-Jacobi Theory and Action Angle Variables.
11) Classical Chaos.
12) Canonical Perturbation Theory.
13) Introduction to Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Formulations
for Continuous Systems and Fields.
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