Centrifugal Pump Handbook by Sulzer Pumps

Centrifugal Pump Handbook

Book Title : Centrifugal Pump Handbook
Author(s)  : Sulzer Pumps
Publisher  : Elsevier
Edition      : Third edition
Pages         : 294
Size            : 7 Mb

Book Description:

Centrifugal Pump Handbook written by Sulzer Pumps Ltd
authors is the complete reference for engineers and
designers working on pump design and development or using
centrifugal pumps in the field. This authoritative guide has
been developed with access to the technical expertise of the
leading centrifugal pump developer, Sulzer Pumps. In addition
to providing the most comprehensive centrifugal pump theory
and design reference with detailed material on cavitation,
erosion, selection of materials, rotor vibration behavior and
forces acting on pumps, the handbook also covers key pumping
applications topics and operational issues, including
operating performance in various types of circuitry, drives
and acceptance testing.
This eBook Enables readers to understand, specify and utilize
centrifugal pumps more effectively, drawing on the
industry-leading experience of Sulzer Pumps, one of the
world’s major centrifugal pump developers. Covers theory,
design and operation, with an emphasis on providing first
class quality and efficiency solutions for high capital
outlay pump plant users.Updated to cover the latest design
and technology developments, including applications, test and
reliability procedures, cavitation, erosion, selection of
materials, rotor vibration behaviour and operating
performance in various types of circuitry.

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