arc welding and gas welding

Today I am going to tell you about difference between arc welding and gas welding. These are the two main types of welding used in different joining process. These joining processes are used in joining same or different metal by application of heat. We can differentiate these in following aspect.

Difference between Arc Welding and Gas Welding:


S.No. Arc Welding Gas Welding
  1. In the arc welding, electricity is used to generate heat. In gas welding, fuel gases like acetylene, hydrogen are used to generate heat.


This welding generates higher temperature than gas welding. The temperature is about 6000C. This welding generates lower temperature than arc welding. The temperature is about 3600C.
  3. This welding generates stronger joint compare to gas welding. It gives weaker joint.
  4. It gives poor surface finish. This welding gives good surface finish.


In arc welding consumable electrode is used. In gas welding non consumable electrode is used.
  6. The electrode is combined with the filler metal. A filler rod is used separately if required.
  7. It can be used in welding alone. It can be used in welding, brazing and soldering.
  8. There is risk of explosion due to high voltage. There is risk of explosion due to high pressure.
  9. It is mostly used to joint similar material. It is mostly use to join both similar and different metals.
  10. The heat is concentrate in arc welding. The heat is distributing according to the flame. There is higher loss of energy.
  11. It is more efficient. It is less efficient.
  12. Speed of welding is high. Speed of welding is low.
  13. The initial cost of arc welding is high. The setup cost of gas welding is low.

These are main difference between arc welding and gas welding. If you have any query ask by commenting.


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